Near Memorial Day 2023. On June 2, Festa Della Repubblica, Italy’s Republic Day, Taps with Echo was performed at Pietra della memoria (Stones of Memory) in Staffolo, Italy by Trumpeters Joan Haaland Paddock and Tom Hyde (of Amici Americani degli ottone – American Friends of Brass). The monument commemorates the fallen Italian soldiers from Staffolo in Marché Province during WWI and WWII. Mayor Sauro Ragni attended this solemn occasion which began at 12:30pm and occurred during the Anteprima Della XXIX Ed. di Musica in Festa (29th Edition of the Festival of Music with Banda Musicale, Città di Staffolo), June 2, 2023. The region surrounding Staffolo is well known for several castles of Medieval walled villages where the Verdicchio grape is prevalent. This region produces Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Wines.